The Diversity of UNESCO Global Geoparks

The UNESCO Global Geopark networks

The UNESCO Global Geopark network includes over 150 designated UNESCO Geoparks throughout the world – 3 in Canada (none in the United States).

Global Geoparks are tools to conserve and enhance the value of areas of geological significance in Earth history, including landscapes and geological formations, which are key witnesses to the evolution of our planet and determinants for our future, and to promote sustainable development through geo-tourism and education.

Global Geoparks are living, working landscapes where science and local communities engage in a mutually beneficial and safe way.

Global Geoparks promote awareness of the story of the planet, as determined by the geology and landscapes, our rich cultural history, and our industrial and farming evolution.

Global Geoparks promote the links between geological heritage and all other aspects of the area’s natural and cultural heritage, clearly demonstrating that geodiversity is the foundation of all ecosystems and the basis of human interaction with the landscape.