Ohnia:kara Geosites and related major events


Example of a Geosite Map. Beaujolais region, France
Example of a Geosite Map. Beaujolais region, France

The main roles of a Geosite are:

  • To promote the exploration, development or celebration of the relationship between geoheritage and other natural, cultural and intangible heritage aspects;
  • To educate and inform the public about geoheritage;
  • To contribute to sustainable local economic development.

It is important to understand that, for reasons of conservation or of accessibility, not all Geosites are suitable to be opened up to the public.

We expect to designate over 90 potential Geosites in the Ohnia:kara Geopark. This page will describe each one, including access points, maps, trails, history and significance.

This page will also connect the Geosites to major cultural, scientific, sporting, pastime and other important events.